Our Church’s Way of Welcoming New Members

In his ministry, Jesus invited his listeners to follow in his footsteps.

How can we invite others to hear the message of Jesus Christ and to consider becoming part of our Church community?

Our parish’s RCIA team sponsors opportunities throughout the year for adults who would like to hear more about Jesus and the way in which we as a church celebrates our beliefs in Jesus Christ. If you or someone you know who is unbaptized, baptized into another Christian denomination or is a baptized Catholic who has not celebrated their Confirmation and/or Eucharist, please share this information with them.  Our parish welcomes them to inquire into our faith and to consider participating in the RCIA process here at Notre Dame Church. There is information about the RCIA in the parish lobby, which you can give to interested adults.

You are welcome to contact our pastoral associate, Anita Foley, to discuss the RCIA process.  She would be happy to explain it more fully and to answer your questions.                               

Anita Foley, Pastoral Associate - Contact Information:  [email protected], 973-228-3338


   “I invite all people, everywhere, at this very moment, to a renewed personal encounter with Jesus Christ.”

(Pope Francis)