Altar Servers

Notre Dame Church


You are much more than simple "helpers of the parish priest." Above all, you are servers of Jesus Christ.


¨ The altar server is a minister to the church who assists the priest in the celebration of the Mass.

¨ Being an altar server allows parishioners the chance to serve Jesus in a special way. It also provides an opportunity for the altar server to learn the deeper meaning behind the     actions and symbols used at the Mass.  Most importantly, it helps servers develop a closer relationship with Jesus in the Eucharist.

¨ You can be an altar server if you are in the 4th12th grades.

¨ Interested candidates should fill out the form below and return to the Parish Office.

 ¨ Questions: email Deacon Matt at [email protected] or you can call the Parish Office at 973-226-0979.

¨ You will be notified about training to be an altar server.

Altar Server Sign up Form