Religious Education

Online registration for the 2020-2021 Religious Education program is now open,

please follow the link for information on registration. Thank you.


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Phone: 973-228-3338 - email: [email protected] 

Joy McDonald, Director of Religious Education - [email protected]

Our Religious Education program’s mission is to communicate the treasures of faith to our children and their parents. We share a journey of faith towards encountering Jesus, breaking open the Word, breaking bread with others and sharing the Good News with the whole parish in the spirit of fellowship. We strive to “Be the Church.”

2020-2021 - will be rebranded as Living in Faith as Families

All families will be in the same "program".   
What will the Program look like?
We will be live streaming our program.  For those who were in the Sunday program this will remind you of our opening 30 minutes that the children experienced each week, reliving the Gospel story, and the meaning behind it.  Skits, music, storytelling will all be part of it.  For our family faith groups the 30 minutes will remind you of the interaction you experienced as you interacted with your child(ren).  We will be live streaming with you, praying with you, and sharing faith with you.
Families, who are comfortable with it, will be invited into our live studio audience from time to time.
The Gospel Weeklies will be the materials we use for all grades.  This material will support our program and give families a solid resource as we learn together.
We recognize parents are expected to take on a large portion of the responsibility of virtual learning for school.   While we will need your support, we do not want that to be the case for Religious Education.   As an aside, I  experienced four months of visual learning with my youngest daughter and it was both a bonding and challenging time. (I had my own little red school house set up in my home.)  It is our goal to make religious education as informative and enjoyable as possible.  That is why we are choosing to live stream.
Gathering of Families to Be the Church
We will be gathering families in small clusters at times and larger ones at other times, respectful of the limits of indoor and outdoor gatherings as mandated by the State of NJ and the Diocese of Newark.  All activities will depend on regulations, safety and where Covdi 19 takes us next. 
However we come together, we do so to remember we are a community and also to Be The Church, put our faith into action.
The gatherings that are being developed included:  
September 18th and 19th - Drive Through Backpack Blessing and Gospel Weeklies pick up.
October 4th - Blessing of the Animals - Be the Church - pet supply collections
November- Feed the Hungry Food Drive
December - Gathering on the Church Lawn for Caroling, Lighting of Notre Dame, Hot Chocolate  and luminaries
January - Be the Church  - Bedtimes stories and PJ collections
February - Be the Church - Virtual Valentines
March -     Be the Church - Lent/Spring Blessing for each family. Ash Wednesday.
April - Easter!
SACRAMENTS - We plan to celebrate all sacraments in the Spring of 2021.  There will be future correspondence for families who are hoping to celebrate First Communion and Confirmation.   We are hoping with these families we can offer even more in person activities and workshops.  We will be praying for a good Spring.