Ministry of Worship


Altar Servers, both boys and girls, represent the parish community at the Table of the Lord by assisting at the celebration of the Eucharist and other liturgical services.  Once they enter the fourth grade, parish youth are eligible to become Altar Servers.



The goal of this group is the enhancement of the worship space with symbol, color, floral arrangements and other appropriate forms of expression suitable to the liturgical seasons.



Parishioners are called upon to administer the Eucharist during the sacred liturgy. They also distribute the Eucharist to those who are sick, homebound, or in nursing homes.


LECTORS (Proclaimers of the Word)

Lectors assist in the celebration of the liturgy by proclaiming the Word of God. Under ordinary circumstances, they are called upon to read once or twice a month at a liturgy of their choice.



Plans the May Crowning celebration for our Notre Dame feast day, usually the first weekend in May. 



The primary role of the Ushers is to help worshipers experience a sense of welcome and belonging at the sacred liturgies.  Their ministry also includes assisting with seating, attending to those with special needs, taking up the collection, and distributing the parish bulletin.



The music ministry is made up of young people and adults working together in various groups of singers, instrumentalists and hand bell ringers.

Music is a vibrant part of Catholic worship, with members of the music ministry leading the congregation to prayer in song.  Beauty in our music, coupled with good preparation, is key to prayerful music.   For this reason, members are asked to attend weekly rehearsals.  Like any other ministry, a commitment is made on the part of those ministering.  Our rehearsal time is a time of enjoyment.  It is a time when members come together to learn, socialize and improve their musical skills while interacting with other group members.

Musical ability varies among individuals in the music ministry.  The members range from seasoned professional musicians to those with a will to sing.  All are welcomed, and all will find a place in this ministry.  Following is a list and description of the groups that make up Notre Dames music ministry:

The Choir: Meets Wednesday evening for rehearsal and sings at the 10:30 am Sunday liturgy.  This group is comprised of approximately 35 members and sings one, two and four part music.

The Hand Bell Choir. The hand Bell choir consists of 11 members and rehearses on Wednesday evening at 6:00 p.m. This group does not play at any one specific liturgy as  their schedule is dependent on each member's availability. During ordinary time The hand Bell choir will usually be scheduled to play at least once or twice a month. Membership is limited to 11 in the group. From time to time we do look for people to fill in for an absent member or permanent replacement.

For the larger celebrations of Christmas, Triduum, other special times throughout the liturgical year, all groups within the music ministry combine to make one spectacular joyful noise.  We hope our music ministry brings an added element of beauty to your prayer.  If unable to join one of our groups, we hope through the efforts of our music ministry, you may be moved to song in your worship experience. If interested in being a part of one of these groups, or would like information concerning our music ministry, please contact our Director of Music, or see him after any of the weekend masses.