Identity Statement

WE, the Parish of Notre Dame, are

A Community Striving to proclaim the mission of Jesus Christ with Post Vatican II values.  We are a diverse, supportive, inclusive community, welcoming everyone in Christ.  Through collaboration, our staff and lay leadership share a common vision of empowering people to discern and use their unique gifts and talents in ministry and service to others.

We are called to spiritual growth as a loving, caring, sharing family.  We endeavor to be compassionate, engaged lay people and clergy who love working together in Christ’s name.  Our hearts and minds are open to the power of the Holy Spirit.

We are called, through vibrant ministries of Word and Worship, to participate fully and actively in the celebration of a Eucharistic Liturgy and Sacraments that encourage spirituality and diverse community involvement.

We are blessed with distinct gifts, through our common Baptism.  We model servant leadership.  We reach out, with compassion and justice to address social concerns.  As followers of Christ, we are committed to an ecumenical spirit, as well as enthusiastic collaboration with our cluster parishes, in providing a variety of resources for shared faith experiences.

We are dedicated to calling forth people who will work together in Christ’s name and respond to social needs.  We are open to the transformation of our community through all forms of communication and dialogue.  Strengthened by the power of the Risen Lord and the intercession of Mary, we journey together to live out our Mission Statement.